Time to Get Outside Your Apartment for Bozeman Summer

Well, we all know that it took long enough for summer to finally arrive, but it is here now. The winter here has its own joys and fun. But the summer provides a time where there are so many opportunities to see the beauty Montana has to offer. Here are just a few things you could do on these wonderful summer days and nights.

1.    Get out of your comfort zone and check out some of the obscure, interesting attractions in Montana. For example, you could visit The Berkley Pit in Butte where new fungal and bacteria species have been identified and call this lake home, or if you like to visit old ghost towns that can take you back in history, you can try one of the many locations throughout Montana like Garnet Ghost Town, Elkhorn Ghost Town, Castle Ghost Town, or Granite Ghost Town. For more ideas on fun little-known places to check out across Montana, you can check out Atlas Obscura.

2.    If you prefer to get back to nature a bit more while it is nice outside, there are ample areas to hike across Montana. Bozeman offers so many trails you can hike from the ever popular “M” to Gallagator Trail to Drinking Horse Mountain Trail and more!  While you are exploring the woods and mountain areas, you may find some beautiful majestic locations where the sun peeks through the leaves and waterfalls remind you of the natural beauty that Montana holds secret. If you like to see picturesque mysterious sites (some that have not even been named yet), you could adventure through Glacier Park, travel to Missoula, or even meander to Broadwater County to see Crow Creek Falls. Here are also 15 Amazing Waterfalls in Montana you can check out.

3.    The Smithsonian has branched into Bozeman in the form of the Museum of the Rockies. Not everyone wants to be outside all day every day. If this is up your alley, Bozeman has you covered. The Museum of the Rockies will take your breath away. This is something everyone who resides in Montana, or is visiting, must see. This is a great place to learn and see everything related to dinosaurs, experience history through incredible exhibits, and even encounter a preserved log cabin from the 19th century. They also offer free admission to the Living History Farm!

4.    Why not check out the local events as well. Bozeman has a great Farmer’s Market where you can find everything Bozeman and more. Crafters, farmers, builders, vendors, etc. all come together to share their craft with you. You can find the most unique gift to send to someone, or a shockingly gorgeous table made right here in Bozeman while also picking out the best syrup, soaps, breads, cakes, etc. that Bozeman has to offer. You also get the chance to intermingle with numerous Bozeman friends from the community. If this sounds like something you would like to join in on, you can check out the Bogert Farmer’s Market on Tuesday evenings from 5pm to 8pm. If the weekend is a better time for you, Saturday from 9am to 12pm, the Gallatin Valley Farmers’ Market is exactly what you are looking for. Just putter on down to the fairgrounds, and you will get to participate in the fun.

5.    If you are more of a window shopper, like rubbing elbows with locals, and experience the quaint charm of Bozeman, then we would like to say Welcome to Downtown Bozeman! If you venture down to Main Street in Bozeman, you will find something new every day! From the cute boutique shops to the fabulous restaurants to the down to earth coffee shops, there is something for everyone. Main Street is also host to several community gatherings like Music on Main.

As you can see, Montana is far from a boring state. There is something for everyone here. You can find local fun, or journey outside of Bozeman to find adventure abound. We want you to thoroughly enjoy every minute you spend in Montana. The next time you are  relaxing in your apartment and trying to think of something to do, think of this article. You will find plenty to keep you entertained for a weekend, a vacation, or for life.

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