Bozeman Apartment Living in a Winter Wonderland

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When the temperature drops in Bozeman, staying warm and cozy in your home becomes a priority. Something else that many people find when the weather shifts to dark and dreary is a change in their mood. The blah or meh feeling that can sometimes accompany the cloudy snowy days is very real, and completely normal. There are some things that you can do to bring that warm and cozy feeling to your apartment while also addressing the blah or meh feeling that is so common during this time of year. Take a look at some of these ideas…

Fill Your Apartment With Color

kagy village apartments front doorFall sprinkles beautifully vibrant warm colors all around us, while the winter blows in the pure white snow to coat everything. Bring the seasonal hues from the outdoors to indoors. This can be as simple as sprinkling a few splashes of colors throughout your home that you find in the heart of fall like orange, yellow, brown, purple, etc. This can be accomplished through getting some throw pillows and blankets to place throughout your home, adding some festive foliage to tables, bringing in various area rugs, or even changing the color scheme of your towels and/or bedding. If you are really artsy or adventurous, you could even change out some of the pictures in your home to match the season. The sky is the limit when you look at all of the possibilities. Let your personality reflect in the transformation of your home from summer to fall/winter.

Cheerful Scents Bring Life to your Home

The sense of smell has been shown to trigger various memories, influence mood, and impact the “feel” of your home. You can accomplish the atmospheric change through smell in many ways. You might choose to use a diffuser with essential oils or to light some scented candles. There are things that you can plug into your wall or even sprays that provide the scent you are looking for to create the perfect cozy cove in your home. You can even add some house plants to try out your green thumb, add that outdoor to indoor feel, and bring some life and vibrancy to your apartment.

Brighten Your Apartment With Lighting

Lighting can impact both your emotional well-being and the physical feel of your home. Fall and winter months usually steal the sun from us for an extended period of time. This can lead to emotional distress and/or depression. Research has shown that if you expose yourself to lighting that mimics outdoor lighting your seasonal emotional shift is usually improved. Try using something like a mock skylight to spread the “sunlight” throughout your room. To help you find which lighting is best for your apartment, check out this article describing the differences in the light bulbs for indoor use.

You can add a warmer feel to your home when you need a cozier ambience. Use lamps with a softer luminosity and turn off any overhead or ceiling lighting. You can also light some candles or even get a small wall “fireplace” that adds that perfect touch to any home for fall and winter. Just think, you could be snuggled up under your favorite blanket  sitting in front of your fireplace watching your favorite movie.

Make Sure The Doors and Windows are Properly Sealed

It is important to keep the cold at bay for most of the time in your apartment in order to get that warm, relaxing, and cozy environment you want for the seasonal change. You can do this by checking your windows and doors to see if there is any air leaking through cracks or edges. If you are unsure how to check for cracks in the seal of your window or malfunctioning weather stripping, simply take a tissue or use the light smoke from incense, and set it where you can see if air moves the smoke or the tissue. If you notice an issue, contact your leasing office for maintenance assistance…

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Time to Get Outside Your Apartment for Bozeman Summer

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Well, we all know that it took long enough for summer to finally arrive, but it is here now. The winter here has its own joys and fun. But the summer provides a time where there are so many opportunities to see the beauty Montana has to offer. Here are just a few things you could do on these wonderful summer days and nights.

1.    Get out of your comfort zone and check out some of the obscure, interesting attractions in Montana. For example, you could visit The Berkley Pit in Butte where new fungal and bacteria species have been identified and call this lake home, or if you like to visit old ghost towns that can take you back in history, you can try one of the many locations throughout Montana like Garnet Ghost Town, Elkhorn Ghost Town, Castle Ghost Town, or Granite Ghost Town. For more ideas on fun little-known places to check out across Montana, you can check out Atlas Obscura.

2.    If you prefer to get back to nature a bit more while it is nice outside, there are ample areas to hike across Montana. Bozeman offers so many trails you can hike from the ever popular “M” to Gallagator Trail to Drinking Horse Mountain Trail and more!  While you are exploring the woods and mountain areas, you may find some beautiful majestic locations where the sun peeks through the leaves and waterfalls remind you of the natural beauty that Montana holds secret. If you like to see picturesque mysterious sites (some that have not even been named yet), you could adventure through Glacier Park, travel to Missoula, or even meander to Broadwater County to see Crow Creek Falls. Here are also 15 Amazing Waterfalls in Montana you can check out.

3.    The Smithsonian has branched into Bozeman in the form of the Museum of the Rockies. Not everyone wants to be outside all day every day. If this is up your alley, Bozeman has you covered. The Museum of the Rockies will take your breath away. This is something everyone who resides in Montana, or is visiting, must see. This is a great place to learn and see everything related to dinosaurs, experience history through incredible exhibits, and even encounter a preserved log cabin from the 19th century. They also offer free admission to the Living History Farm!

4.    Why not check out the local events as well. Bozeman has a great Farmer’s Market where you can find everything Bozeman and more. Crafters, farmers, builders, vendors, etc. all come together to share their craft with you. You can find the most unique gift to send to someone, or a shockingly gorgeous table made right here in Bozeman while also picking out the best syrup, soaps, breads, cakes, etc. that Bozeman has to offer. You also get the chance to intermingle with numerous Bozeman friends from the community. If this sounds like something you would like to join in on, you can check out the Bogert Farmer’s Market on Tuesday evenings from 5pm to 8pm. If the weekend is a better time for you, Saturday from 9am to 12pm, the Gallatin Valley Farmers’ Market is exactly what you are looking for. Just putter on down to the fairgrounds, and you will get to participate in the fun.

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Shed Winter Blues – Prepare Your Apartment for Spring

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Although March 20 was the officially recognized first day of spring, Mother Nature does not always agree. Just looking outside will verify the daily resistance to the warm and sunny weather as the snow is beginning to melt and the sun has been dancing in the sky. We all celebrate and welcome the transition from gloomy to bloomy. In recognition of this joyous metamorphosis, cast out the coats, slip into those summer dresses/shorts, and let’s get your home reflecting this bright and cheery time.

1)    Let the Outside Meet the Inside

image of hanging flowersThe one thing that most of us can agree on is the warmth and excitement that spring brings us every year. We lose that feeling when we have been sealed up in the house for the winter (kind of like a bear). Opening the windows to let that fresh air and bright sunshine in will be a great start to getting ready for spring. Take a moment to add beautifully colored flowers to accent areas in your home, and maybe even try adding a potted plant or other foliage.

2)    Face Lift Always Helps

Trying something as simple as some new wall decorations, bright colored towels, or new throw pillows can make a huge difference in the way you view and relax in your home. Psychologist have examined the impact of color on the human brain. What they found was that although color is a very subjective thing for each individual, there are certain universal responses that seem to come from seeing certain colors or shades. Winter usually conveys darker or cooler colors outside. When spring comes around, outside brings us brightly surroundings. This can improve numerous aspects of your life just by bringing some of those incredibly cheerful colors into your daily life in your home.

3)    Try Your Green Thumb Skills

potted plants in window sillThere are certain people who have a knack for growing plants of every kind. When you live in an apartment in Bozeman, you may feel like you can’t have a garden. You would be wrong. You should try a controlled indoor garden. You can grow various herbs, small veggies, or even some berries. With some simple beginning steps: 1. Research various plants/edibles that you would like to grow. 2. Choose an appropriate place in your apartment to have the most success for your garden (i.e. window, porch, balcony, etc.). 3. Gather your supplies (planting pot/bucket, soil, seeds, etc.). It is that simple to get started! Just think, you could be enjoying your small garden right now…

4)    Temporary Time Capsule

When you are changing gears from winter to spring/summer, don’t forget to clean out the warm heavy winter clothes. You will not need them for a little while. So why not save some room, decrease clutter in your apartment, and pack away the items that are not needed through the warmer months. Those thick winter coats, heavy blankets, boots, hats & gloves, etc. have their time and place, but not for a few months. Replace the heavier items with more light weight warmer weather friendly things. For example, that puffy super warm comforter on your bed can be changed out for a brightly colored, light weight, and airy blanket that provides a different look and a more comfortable sleep.

5)    Education is Power

If you have done everything you need to do to get the inside of your apartment ready for the warmer days ahead, you can now take some time to educate yourself on the various events and activities in and around the community. Between the plays, numerous parks, hiking, fishing, biking, hot springs, farmer’s markets, etc. there is never a dull moment here in Bozeman. You could even use this as a great opportunity to meet neighbors, see local businesses, and adventure to gorgeous areas of Montana that we sometimes forget through the winter (due to the awesome amounts of snow we get).

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New Year New Reasons to Love Your Apartment

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If you can believe it, another New Year is upon us! I know it seems like yesterday that we were saying this about 2018, and anxiously anticipated the great things that the New Year held for us. Now, we are beginning 2019, and I would bet there are unlimited possibilities awaiting each of us this year. You have started the year off right by living in an apartment. There has been a lot of research conducted to determine the benefits of downsizing your life and living in more quaint quarters. Whether you know it or not, you are ahead of the game. Let’s take a look at some of the top benefits to choosing an apartment for your home.

10. Less cleaning and more fun time awaits those who choose a smaller living environment. If you are one who maintains their living space in a tidy manner, then this is right up your alley. With less square footage to clean, you have more time to do the exciting things in your life like hiking, fishing, skiing, etc. Who doesn’t want to do more of that this year?

lucky piggy pic9. Save more $$$ in multiple ways. Those who choose to purchase a home have a lot of financial responsibilities that you do not have to worry about. For example, if plumbing in your apartment has an issue, you call to have maintenance come fix the problem. This does not cost you anything extra in your rent to have the required maintenance completed. However, if you owned your home, this would be your responsibility to figure out how to not only get the issue fixed but also find the additional money that it will cost to have the repair man come to your home. Your heating and cooling costs are lower due to the smaller space of the apartment. Then there is the money saving benefit of having landscaping, trash, and parking covered. You get to come home and focus on your personal sanctuary without focusing on needing to get anything outside of your home (in regards to the property) handled.

8. Alter the focus of your home from quantity to quality. With a smaller space to furnish and decorate, you will have the opportunity to strategically place nice art, unique pieces of furniture, or even buy that special piece that you have had your eye on. With an apartment, you have the opportunity to express who you are in a compact and clear way avoiding the clutter that often happens when you have too much space to try to forcibly fill.

7. Give back to the environment that loves you. The little known fact of smaller living spaces is that they are very eco-friendly. Every time someone turns their heat on, they are leaving a carbon footprint on the environment. The very construction, insulation, and heating source for apartments creates a much smaller carbon footprint when compared to larger homes.

6. No lost & found needed in your home when you have less area to lose an item.

5. Organization becomes second nature due to the smaller space. You have less of a chance to allow any clutter to build up in your home. If you sometimes need that push to get you motivated to reorganize, or get rid of the old stuff you are not using, this is a great opportunity for you. Apartments are cozy, but can become claustrophobic for anyone who allows their space to become too overrun with various items. You will become a master of organization while residing in an apartment.

4. Close but not too close is the best way to describe apartment living. You have friends aplenty when you choose to live in a close community. Although you have neighbors around you, you still have the comfort and privacy of having your own space. You can be as involved as you want to be in your community. If you want to get to know your neighbors, I encourage you to do so. Lifetime relationships can develop, and you could find something that you never expected just by saying hello to a friendly neighbor.

3. Location, Location, Location. As everyone knows, location is everything. By living in an apartment, you get the comfort of being close to everything, while not having to pay the huge price tag of owning a home in a highly sought after location.

2. Moving on is inevitable. Those who have learned to be well organized, have less clutter, and a smaller area to pack up find that when that time comes to move on, the transition is much easier.

2019 fireworks image1. The number 1 reason living in a smaller space is good for you can be seen in the recent research that shows that the psychological health of a person can drastically improve when they downsize their life. This improvement is seen for many reasons. Psychologists have found that less visually challenging spaces create an environment where the individual feels more comfortable as their mind can relax more effectively. Small spaces also present the opportunity for a person to feel like they have more control over their environment. There is also research that shows that people who reside in cozy spaces tend to spend more time outdoors, which is directly linked to emotional happiness.

With the New Year here, take the time to look around your space to what you would like to rearrange, organize, or change in some way to make your apartment more than just a home. These are only 10 reasons living in an apartment is pretty amazing, but there are so many other benefits as well.

Finding an apartment can be a challenge, but at Bridger Property Management we want to make this process simple and hassle free for you.  Take a look at Kagy Village and Brookside Park Apartments to see if these suit your needs. Feel free to give our friendly staff a call at: 406-556-9900 and they can assist you or answer any questions.