Should I Rent an Apartment or Buy?

To Rent? Or Not To Rent?

Apartment PhotoThe question of whether renting an apartment is right for you can be a tough choice, and hinges a lot on personal preference, finances, and other resources available at the time of relocation. Just the idea of moving can be overwhelming, stressful, and scary. Take a deep breath and relax because we here at Bridger Property Management want to help you find the perfect place to call home.

Listing the pros and cons can help you decide if apartment living is for you. Some of the obvious positive aspects of apartment living include great amenities, usually lower monthly costs (water, electric, heating/cooling, etc.), maintenance is included, flexibility, and you are close (even walking distance) to town.

Some people view smaller living spaces and being in close proximity to neighbors as the disadvantages to apartment living. Another struggle can be parking frustrations when choosing an apartment lifestyle.

Great Amenities Come With Many Apartments

Apartment living usually offers exciting amenities, which can also save you money in the long run. The cost of a gym membership, maintenance fees, appliance purchases, landscaping, internet, etc. can add up quickly. Why stress about those things when you don’t have to? Apartment living provides all of these things and more! When you choose to rent an apartment, you only are expected to maintain your personal space. You don’t have to shovel the snow from the common areas, cut grass, trim hedges, or fix maintenance issues. It is all taken care of for you.

Lower Monthly Bills

Yes, living in an apartment usually means that you have less square footage in your home. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. The smaller space also means decreased monthly utility usage, which equates to money you get to keep in your pocket.

You also decrease your monthly bills when you look at the savings you have with the  amenities provided by the community.

On Site Maintenance

How frustrating is it to have a long day, come home, expect to relax, and instead find that you have had a pipe bust while you were out? Or to wake up dreading going outside to shovel snow from the sidewalks and steps? Well, with apartment living, you don’t even need to give issues like these a second thought. Apartment communities usually offer on-site maintenance teams to take care of the grounds, exterior of the buildings, and the inside of the apartments as well. While you’re still getting that extra 30 minutes of sleep on a snowy winter day, the skilled maintenance team is making sure your walkways are free of snow and ice. One call to the leasing office, and your plumbing problems are gone. No extra fees or added stress.


Apartment living usually offers various terms on their rental agreements. The flexibility found in renting can be very beneficial in the event something changes, requiring you to relocate.

Location, Location, Location

With apartment living, you usually have quick access to local resources, activities, and events. In some instances, you are within walking distance! Getting to know your neighbor and your surroundings could be a great adventure, and apartment living just made that a little easier for you.

Finding an apartment can be a challenge, but at we want to make this process simple and hassle free for you. Take a look at Kagy Village Apartments and also  Brookside Park Apartments to see if these suit your needs. Feel free to give our friendly staff a call at: 406-556-9900 and they can assist you or answer any questions.

6 Steps to Find an Apartment for Rent in Bozeman

Bozeman Viewed from the M

Finding an apartment for rent in Bozeman, or anywhere, can be challenging. In today’s modern world and with our busy lives, finding time to search for an apartment can be a bit of a nightmare because there are many things to think about: the various options, the balance between your expectations and the reality you can afford with your budget, location, amenities, etc. However this easy guide will provide you with information to help make your apartment hunt easier, efficient and without headaches.

Step 1: Set Your Apartment Rental Budget and Stick to It

The budget will define the whole apartment hunting process when looking for apartments for rent in Bozeman. This must be realistic and balance the lifestyle you want with the one you can afford. Keep in mind all the costs associated with moving to a rented property like: application fee, security deposit, the monthly rent, utilities (if they are not included in the rent), cable, internet and pet fees. Never go for an apartment beyond your financial reach.

Step 2: Pick the Location and Do Some Research on Rentals in the Area

Not only is the exterior of the apartment important when you rent, what you have around can also affect whether you have a good rental experience or make it a nightmare. Bozeman is a peaceful town of beautiful mountain views, with a lot of young people attending Montana State University and there are many notable companies in the area, so the neighbors in general will be well educated people. When you pick the location of the apartment also think on how your life will be when you live there, aspects like commute to work, and the living space you need, the distance to public transportation you want and even the type of people you want to live near.

Step 3: Decide on Required Features for your Montana Apartment

Whether you want a 2 bedroom apartment (maybe something at Kagy Village Apartments or Brookside Park Apartments), laundry in the unit or shared, furnished or not, certain floor plan. This way you can stay focused on researching exactly what you want so you don’t have to spend precious time checking every single rental available, if you like some apartments, select the ones you think are best and go to the next step.

Step 4: Schedule a Visit to View the Property

Bozeman Viewed from the MThis is really important, because an apartment that seemed like a good idea online, may not be that when you walk into the apartment. When you visit make sure to check the safety of the apartment, preexisting problems in it, and the general condition of the apartment features. Don’t bother with minor things, if the perfect apartment does not have all the features on your list just consider the pros and cons of forgoing those features, this is part of the balance of a wonderful place to live without being too hard on your wallet.

Step 5: Get Ready to Negotiate With Your Landlord.

Most things are negotiable, even rent, but to do so you need to give a good impression to the landlord, be kind and polite but also you need good information on the costs of apartments in Bozeman so there is room for negotiation. Before signing any documents make sure you understand them.

Step 6: Look for Help If You Need It.

The whole process of finding an apartment can be really painful for many people, so if you think you need help to find your perfect apartment in Bozeman, feel free to contact us and one of our friendly staff can assist you. At Bridger Property Management we have excellent rental properties, a strong knowledge of the community, and years of experience that we can put to use helping you find your ideal apartment.

Ensure You Are the Best Candidate for Bozeman Apartments

Since 2005, home-ownership has been declining steadily. As a result, it has dropped to an all-time low in nearly two decades. What this means is that more and more people are opting to rent rather than buy their places of residence. In turn, this has diminished the number of Bozeman apartment rentals available in the market. This has made the competition for the available apartments rather fierce.

Should you find yourself in the market for Bozeman apartment rentals, there are a few things you should know if you are to find yourself the perfect apartment. Here are some of the most simple, yet effective tips to help you convince the landlords that you are the perfect tenant for their apartment.

Tips for finding apartments for rent near Bozeman, MT

Go for apartment rentals in Bozeman that you can afford. There are very few things as off putting to a landlord than a tenant who cannot afford to pay their rent. Do not waste your time sending in applications for apartments that are not within your price range. Landlords have grown savvier now and can tell very quickly whether or not you can afford to pay for the apartment. Be realistic and do not try to bite off more than you can chew. Remember, great apartments in Bozeman have security deposits among other monthly expenses. You do not want to start your relationship with your new landlord on a bad note.

Be Fully Prepared When Applying for Your Apartment

Applying for an apartment in Bozeman, MT is like going for a job interview; you need to be fully prepared. Landlords do not have the luxury to follow up on missing documents or to hold apartments for people they like. They often offer the apartment to the first, fully qualified applicant. You need to bring:

  • Your rental history (past addresses, contact information for your past landlords and so on)
  • Your employment history and records
  • Your vehicle information (in case you plan to use the landlords parking offers)
  • References

What you need to know is that landlords take tenancy agreements very seriously. If you are going to have a pleasant relationship (hopefully one that has almost no contact with the landlord) you need to be able to pay your rent on time every month; be able to take good care of your apartment; be able to get along with your neighbors (at the very least not be a source of complaint) and you need to be courteous. As much as landlords offer the available apartments to the most qualified candidates, they tend to shy off difficult and rude people.

The next time you think about looking for an apartment in Bozeman, remember that there is stiff competition out there, especially for the properties within prime locations. Do a little bit of research on the area and the landlord if possible. Know what is frowned upon and most of all, bring your A game. Make no mistake, this is a fierce market and only the best candidates get the best apartments.

Avoiding Mistakes With Bozeman Apartment Rentals

So you got that new job that will take you to Bozeman, Montana; or maybe its just time for a move. The first thing you do is look through the various listings of Bozeman apartments for rentals. The prospects look promising, you tell yourself. The new job means a fresh start for you. A new town, a new bank balance and a new apartment.

apartment living roomThis time around you swear you will take your time and pick the best possible apartment in Bozeman. You remember what happened last time when you fell in love way too soon and you ended up signing a two year lease on an apartment that turned out to be quite disappointing. You promise yourself that this time it will be different and you will get exactly what you want.

Unfortunately, this is a scenario that many renters are familiar with. Excitement and smooth talking real estate agents can cloud your judgment when it comes to picking the best Bozeman apartment rentals (this applies in any city really). You need to remember that this is going to be your home for some time and as such, it should be somewhere that you are comfortable living, a place that suits your life and budget.

Unfortunately, many renters make several rookie mistakes that end up costing them their comfort, peace of mind and their dream apartment.

Mistakes to avoid when renting apartments

Looking for apartments that are beyond your budget

With a new job and a better paycheck, many people get carried away and start aspiring to apartments that will strain their budgets. When this happens, you will end up being shown some wonderful apartments that may be perfect for you but are just a little beyond your means. If you mislead the agent into showing you apartments that fall in a bracket that you are not comfortable with, you can only end up being disappointed.

Obviously, those apartments will be much nicer and better placed than the ones you can afford. And as you slowly start to come back down to the ones that you can afford, no matter how nice they may be, they just won’t compare. This means that you may end up settling. Which will turn this whole, would-be-exciting move, into something else less….exciting.

Signing a lease agreement that you do not fully understand

A lease agreement is a legal binding contract. And as with every other contact, you should be sure to understand it fully before you sign it. There are many renters who hurriedly sign leases on many lovely apartments only to realize later that they might have made a mistake. Take your time to go through the lease agreement before signing it. You can even seek legal advice or ask your agent to go through it with you to make sure that everything is in order.

Not trusting your agent

Everyone has a right to be treated in a fair and honest manner. When looking for an apartment in Bozeman, your best course of action may be to seek professional advice. Who is better placed to give that advice than the people who have spent years in the industry? Who better than the apartment rental companies in Montana?

Find a company that you can trust, give them your specifications and listen to their advice. Of course, this is not to say that you should take their word for it, some people might actually just be after the deal. This is just to say that seeking advice from the professionals is a good place to start. At least you will get a handle on the kind of apartments available for rent in the Bozeman Montana area and what options you have.