Bozeman Apartment Rental MSU School Start

bozeman apartment rental

It’s that time of year again. School is starting, and along with it is the annual population surge as thousands of MSU students move into Bozeman. With an estimated enrollment of 15,000 students, you can bet that there is a huge surge in demand for housing. In just the last year alone, we have watched numerous new apartment complexes going up around the city preparing to meet the demand.

Bozeman Montana landscapesIf you are one of those searching for an apartment in Bozeman, you know the stress of searching for an apartment for rent: driving around the city, looking at locations, inspecting rooms, talking to management. Oh, let’s not forget the whole application process, credit checks, references, medical history (kidding).

That’s not even bringing up the additional complication of having roommates. Do you sign for the apartment rental yourself and trust that your roommate won’t skip out on you? After all, you met them a week ago at the bar, surely only the most trustworthy individuals looking for roommates would be found there. Right?

Trust but verify you say. “I’m going to keep everyone honest by adding my two roommates to the lease.” Sounds like a good idea till all of you have to go through the application and approval process. Great, that potential roommate you met recently had  questionable credit and a not-so-great background. Meanwhile, there are 5 other applicants for the same room and management may pick someone else.

Yes, hunting for an apartment rental in Bozeman can be a stressful prospect, but it’s not all bad. There are many good companies like our own Bridger Property Management Inc., that will help you navigate the process. The importance of working with someone who is transparent and straightforward about the process of renting the apartment you want can’t be overstated.

With all the options for apartments for rent in Bozeman, be sure to do your due diligence on the management company you will be working with. Keep in mind that these are the people you will have to deal with on a regular basis. When rent is due, if you have a maintenance problem, or difficulties with other neighboring tenants, all of these are issues that will require dealings with the apartment management company.

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Montana Apartment Rentals – Bozeman Booming

apartments growing in bozemanBozeman is growing. Everywhere you look lately, new housing is going in. Land is being cleared and leveled for businesses, homes and apartments. Roads that used to be dirt roads are now being paved and connected to the neighboring subdivisions. For a small city, Bozeman is booming and new people are moving in all the time.

Bozeman Economy and Housing Growing

After the economy started recovering from the recession in 2009-2010 the construction market began picking up again in Bozeman and now in the last few years you can’t drive anywhere in town without seeing new construction. New apartment rentals are going up at a prodigious rate, some of them appearing so fast that they seem to have simply grown out of the ground in a few short weeks. I recall driving to Costco recently and missing my turn because the housing on the street had changed enough I didn’t recognize it.

With all the changes though, it brings many good things. Gallatin County population is projected to break 100,000 this year, making it one of the fastest growing areas in the state. All this growth means more jobs and more opportunities. If the construction industry is any indication for the future, Bozeman will continue to see an influx of population growth, ushering in more expansion to the area. According to Census Bureau statistics, the population of Bozeman was 45,250 in 2016. It wouldn’t be surprising to see that number reach 50,000 by years end 2017.

Did you know that Bozeman has ranked in the top 10 places to live in the United States nearly every year?

What does all of this mean for you? Well, more options for one. More people and more expansion means more job opportunities and more options for housing and rentals. Competition helps keep businesses honest because we have to compete for YOUR business. If you aren’t happy with the product or service you can easily shop with the competition.

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3 Tips on Choosing Your Perfect Bozeman Apartment

woman thinking about finding an apartmentWhen deciding on an apartment anywhere, there can be a lot of factors to consider. It can be frustrating to try and balance what you want with what you need. This can be hectic especially with trying to decipher from important decisions like whether or not to rent or buy, the style you are looking for, and the price range you need to stay in. Here are three tips on how to make this process to run a little bit more smoothly.

  1. Research What You Want

To begin, you have to ask the question, what kind of apartment do you want to live in? Do you want an apartment to rent or buy? Do you want an apartment with lots of square footage or just enough square footage to be cozy? Limit your apartment search with traits you want your home to have and where you want your home to be. Be able to have a list with all of your wants and dislikes. Be proactive with what you need out of a living space. For example, you should be able to say, “There are twenty available apartments in my area, but only five have what I want, so I will look between these five.” By doing this you essentially cut your search time in half.

  1. Be Strict With Your Budget

You know how much you can afford and what you cannot, so why look at apartments out of your price range? This also goes with getting what you need by having a list of your wants and knowing what you are willing to pay for them. By being stern with your budget, you won’t be talked into apartments you can’t afford because of their amenities. Smooth talking realtors will try to convince you to go a bit higher, but sticking with your budget can have some awesome benefits. Let’s go back to the example of twenty available apartments in your area and five of them having the traits you desire for your apartment. If out of those five, three happen to be more expensive than what you would prefer, you just again narrowed your search and made looking for your perfect apartment that much simpler to attain.

  1. Dictate Your Own Search

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Should I Rent an Apartment or Buy?

To Rent? Or Not To Rent?

Apartment PhotoThe question of whether renting an apartment is right for you can be a tough choice, and hinges a lot on personal preference, finances, and other resources available at the time of relocation. Just the idea of moving can be overwhelming, stressful, and scary. Take a deep breath and relax because we here at Bridger Property Management want to help you find the perfect place to call home.

Listing the pros and cons can help you decide if apartment living is for you. Some of the obvious positive aspects of apartment living include great amenities, usually lower monthly costs (water, electric, heating/cooling, etc.), maintenance is included, flexibility, and you are close (even walking distance) to town.

Some people view smaller living spaces and being in close proximity to neighbors as the disadvantages to apartment living. Another struggle can be parking frustrations when choosing an apartment lifestyle.

Great Amenities Come With Many Apartments

Apartment living usually offers exciting amenities, which can also save you money in the long run. The cost of a gym membership, maintenance fees, appliance purchases, landscaping, internet, etc. can add up quickly. Why stress about those things when you don’t have to? Apartment living provides all of these things and more! When you choose to rent an apartment, you only are expected to maintain your personal space. You don’t have to shovel the snow from the common areas, cut grass, trim hedges, or fix maintenance issues. It is all taken care of for you.

Lower Monthly Bills

Yes, living in an apartment usually means that you have less square footage in your home. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. The smaller space also means decreased monthly utility usage, which equates to money you get to keep in your pocket.

You also decrease your monthly bills when you look at the savings you have with the  amenities provided by the community.

On Site Maintenance

How frustrating is it to have a long day, come home, expect to relax, and instead find that you have had a pipe bust while you were out? Or to wake up dreading going outside to shovel snow from the sidewalks and steps? Well, with apartment living, you don’t even need to give issues like these a second thought. Apartment communities usually offer on-site maintenance teams to take care of the grounds, exterior of the buildings, and the inside of the apartments as well. While you’re still getting that extra 30 minutes of sleep on a snowy winter day, the skilled maintenance team is making sure your walkways are free of snow and ice. One call to the leasing office, and your plumbing problems are gone. No extra fees or added stress.


Apartment living usually offers various terms on their rental agreements. The flexibility found in renting can be very beneficial in the event something changes, requiring you to relocate.

Location, Location, Location

With apartment living, you usually have quick access to local resources, activities, and events. In some instances, you are within walking distance! Getting to know your neighbor and your surroundings could be a great adventure, and apartment living just made that a little easier for you.

Finding an apartment can be a challenge, but at we want to make this process simple and hassle free for you. Take a look at Kagy Village Apartments and also  Brookside Park Apartments to see if these suit your needs. Feel free to give our friendly staff a call at: 406-556-9900 and they can assist you or answer any questions.