Should I Rent an Apartment or Buy?

To Rent? Or Not To Rent?

Apartment PhotoThe question of whether renting an apartment is right for you can be a tough choice, and hinges a lot on personal preference, finances, and other resources available at the time of relocation. Just the idea of moving can be overwhelming, stressful, and scary. Take a deep breath and relax because we here at Bridger Property Management want to help you find the perfect place to call home.

Listing the pros and cons can help you decide if apartment living is for you. Some of the obvious positive aspects of apartment living include great amenities, usually lower monthly costs (water, electric, heating/cooling, etc.), maintenance is included, flexibility, and you are close (even walking distance) to town.

Some people view smaller living spaces and being in close proximity to neighbors as the disadvantages to apartment living. Another struggle can be parking frustrations when choosing an apartment lifestyle.

Great Amenities Come With Many Apartments

Apartment living usually offers exciting amenities, which can also save you money in the long run. The cost of a gym membership, maintenance fees, appliance purchases, landscaping, internet, etc. can add up quickly. Why stress about those things when you don’t have to? Apartment living provides all of these things and more! When you choose to rent an apartment, you only are expected to maintain your personal space. You don’t have to shovel the snow from the common areas, cut grass, trim hedges, or fix maintenance issues. It is all taken care of for you.

Lower Monthly Bills

Yes, living in an apartment usually means that you have less square footage in your home. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. The smaller space also means decreased monthly utility usage, which equates to money you get to keep in your pocket.

You also decrease your monthly bills when you look at the savings you have with the  amenities provided by the community.

On Site Maintenance

How frustrating is it to have a long day, come home, expect to relax, and instead find that you have had a pipe bust while you were out? Or to wake up dreading going outside to shovel snow from the sidewalks and steps? Well, with apartment living, you don’t even need to give issues like these a second thought. Apartment communities usually offer on-site maintenance teams to take care of the grounds, exterior of the buildings, and the inside of the apartments as well. While you’re still getting that extra 30 minutes of sleep on a snowy winter day, the skilled maintenance team is making sure your walkways are free of snow and ice. One call to the leasing office, and your plumbing problems are gone. No extra fees or added stress.


Apartment living usually offers various terms on their rental agreements. The flexibility found in renting can be very beneficial in the event something changes, requiring you to relocate.

Location, Location, Location

With apartment living, you usually have quick access to local resources, activities, and events. In some instances, you are within walking distance! Getting to know your neighbor and your surroundings could be a great adventure, and apartment living just made that a little easier for you.

Finding an apartment can be a challenge, but at we want to make this process simple and hassle free for you. Take a look at Kagy Village Apartments and also  Brookside Park Apartments to see if these suit your needs. Feel free to give our friendly staff a call at: 406-556-9900 and they can assist you or answer any questions.

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