Christmas Cheer in Your Bridger Apartment

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Twas The Night Before Christmas…and All Through Your Apartment

The holiday season can bring some conflicting feelings. Most people enjoy the holidays, but they also stress about them. The expectations that always come with celebrating a special day can turn an exciting time into a dreadful time, and living in a smaller space can sometimes increase these negative feelings. That is why we are here to help and take the stress out of decorating your home for the most wonderful time of the year.

Tight Apartment Spaces Cramping Your Christmas Style

Christmas wall treeLiving in an apartment in Bozeman often times creates a space constraint, which can make it difficult for you to have a Christmas tree. Although a Charlie Brown Christmas is heartwarming, we often want to have a beautifully decorated tree. However, in tight spaces, you may have to be more creative. Check to see what size tree will fit in your home. Whether the tree is fake or real, the size is very important. Trees usually will range from as small as just a few inches, up to a dozen feet or more, so you have many options.

If you find that your space does not allow for a Christmas tree, but you would like to have one, there is always the option of a Christmas wall tree. What is this you ask? Well, you have the choice to buy one already made or you could take this as an opportunity to be creative. You simply choose a material or materials (i.e. felt, cloth, pine like garland, tissue paper, etc.) you would like to use for your tree, cut the shape of your tree, and then you can add specialized decorations. You can still use Christmas lights on your wall tree by putting lights under the mounted tree, and put small holes where you would like the lights to shine through. Lastly, hang your tree in the perfect location in your home, and enjoy.

Pillow Talk for a Bozeman Style Christmas in Your Apartment

You can easily turn your current pillows into fun Christmas style decorations. Just follow the following steps:
1. Wrap the chosen pillow in a pillow case, towel, or other material like you would a present.
2. Use a festive ribbon to wrap it around the pillow and make a bow.
3. You can add an extra something special by using something Christmas related (holly, sprigs, beads, etc) to add to the ribbon or bow.
4. Place the fun “presents” throughout your home.

Ribbons & Bows to Decorate Your Home

Adding those fun finishing touches to your home can be simple, elegant, and fun. Use Holiday themed/colored ribbons to add to window/door frames, font area outside of your door, or even use it to enhance your dining room chairs.

It’s Beginning to Small A lot Like Christmas

There is so much more to Christmas than the pretty lights, festive activities, and gifts. Think about when you were younger, and your home was filled with the various smells that reminded you with every sniff how close Christmas was to being here. The smell of freshly baked sugar cookies, or cinnamon pinecones, or the yummy smells of cooking coming from the kitchen. The scents brought so much excitement and exhilaration of what is to come, you would almost overflow with anticipation. You can have this in your home as well. Try some of these creative tips to get that Christmas smell in your home:

1. Use a vanilla scented pillar candle, hot glue cinnamon sticks together in a circle around the pillar candle you are using, and complete it by tying twine around the cinnamon sticks into a bow. Place the candle on a dish, and enjoy the aroma that fills your room.

2. Try using red ribbon to dangle small wreaths in your window.

making snowflakes3. Get the full aroma of Christmas by combining a few cinnamon sticks, 4 orange halves, 1 cup cranberries, and a couple Rosemary sprigs in a large pot with water. Set the stove top on simmer (or keep warm) and let the smell take you back in time.

4. Not that frosted windows are an issue here in Bozeman, but you may want to customize a design into a self-made frosted window. First cut out your paper snowflakes. Make a thick paste of white toothpaste and water in a bowl. Place a snowflake into a bowl of just water, and press the snowflake onto the glass. There may be some drained water, but you can blot the snowflake and the area with a cloth. Dip the sponge into the toothpaste mix, and wipe it onto the glass and over the snowflake. Allow it to dry, and peel off the paper snowflake.

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Have Friends Over to Your Apartment for Thanksgiving

thanksgiving table

Many do not know the obscure history of Thanksgiving, and the wordplay that has developed through the years to identify the same holiday. Before we look at what you can do to plan for a fun gathering for Thanksgiving at your home, let’s have a short history lesson to understand the celebration held on the 4th Thursday of November.

A Short History of the Origins of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving – Evidence goes back to families gathering to express gratitude for daily blessings since the 1530’s. Although it is unknown if the settlers in 1621 used the actual term Thanksgiving for their celebration, we do know that the initial celebration (here in America) was practiced in New England, before the Revolution. After independence was achieved, the practice spread through the country. Prior to 1863 and the lobbying by Sarah Josepha Hale, there was never a specific date set for individuals to observe the traditions that would blossom into Thanksgiving. However, Abraham Lincoln changed this by designating the last Thursday in November as Thanksgiving.

fall pumpkinsFranksgiving – In 1939, Franklin D. Roosevelt thought that he could improve the retail sales of the country by changing the observation date of Thanksgiving from the last Thursday of November to the 3rd Thursday. Critics of this decision expressed their disdain and put significant pressure on the government to return to the observance of Thanksgiving to the 4th Thursday of November. President Roosevelt conceded to the critics in 1942, and he returned Thanksgiving to the date we observe today.

Friendsgiving – Most can agree that as times have changed, so has the definition of family. Previously, this was a time of “family” gathering to observe and give thanks for their blessings. However, in today’s world, many have a closer connection to friends. For those individuals, the term “Friendsgiving” was coined to represent those who spend this day with friends instead of family. The wordplay caught on, and large companies started jumping on the bandwagon of “Friendsgiving,” so you may see this term used in certain advertisements.

Whatever you decide to call your gathering, there are some things that you can do to help make this time a little less stressful and a lot more enjoyable.

Tips for Preparing your Thanksgiving Dinner

1. Have A Plan That Will Work for Your Apartment and Space

The worst thing you could do if you trying to plan a get together is to wait until the day of to try to map things out. Take a moment to think of what you would like to serve, who you are planning to invite, where everyone will sit, what activities you would like to have established, etc. Keep in mind when planning your menu for the afternoon that this is probably not the best time to try that crazy new recipe using things that you have never tried before. That will just add unnecessary stress to your day.

christmas berriesOnce you have planned everything, you can start organizing steps to put in place your grand vision. You can even start some things the night before to save on time: organize your counter space, evaluate cooking options, utilize things like slow cookers to give yourself the opportunity to do other things while food is cooking, and even set the table.

2. Move Things Around in Your Apartment to Prepare for Company

You may find that while you want to have several friends and family to your home for Thanksgiving, the limited space can create an issue. This can be alleviated if you make some temporary adjustments to the seating area in your home. If you have a coffee table and other living room furniture that could be moved to say a bedroom for the day, you can turn the larger living room area into a nice dining area for you and your guests.

Don’t forget to also move things around in your refrigerator as well. Trying to clean it out while you are also trying to put left over food away and entertain your guests could present as an issue. Pre-planning for the additional food in your refrigerator will help decrease that stress, and increase the time you have with your guests. You can also save fridge space by utilizing coolers to hold drinks and ice. A very creative addition to your table would be a pumpkin cooler. Simply cut the top half of a pumpkin off, clean it out, fill with ice, and presto. You have a decorative cooler.

3. Elegant But Easy

I know that everyone wants to have the perfect place setting when they are having a nice dinner at their home. You can accomplish a beautiful table while managing to make clean up easier for yourself later. Try using some tasteful thick disposable plates, cups, and even silverware. This will cut your clean up time in half.

thanksgiving table setting4. Have A Little Help

Friends and family, even at the first Thanksgiving, shared the responsibility of the cooking and cleaning that always accompanies a gathering of people in one place. This should not stop at your front door. If you have each guest bring one or two items/dishes, you will have help with the cooking, decrease stress, and even get to try some different foods from your friends.

5. Me Time

One of the most stressful times is when you have been cooking all day, have mostly everything prepared, and you realize that you have not even gotten dressed yet! To avoid that issue before it happens, make sure to plan yourself some “me time” to get the things done for yourself that you will need so you too can enjoy your gathering. If you get some of the cooking and prepping done the night before, you can take your time to do other things the day of the event. This includes time for yourself to be presentable for such a wonderful gathering in your home. And above all, have fun with it!!!

To all our friends at Kagy Village and Brookside Park Apartments, we wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

Many of us may travel for Thanksgiving, but for those of us staying in Bozeman…if you have a Bozeman apartment and think maybe you don’t have enough space to host your friends and family, remember some of the tips here. With a little planning and preparation you can make Thanksgiving at your apartment enjoyable and problem free.

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Spooktacular Halloween Hoopla – Bridger Property Management

Happy Halloween

Yes, it’s that time of year again. We are about to enter into the biggest holiday season of the year. The beginning of the excitement always starts with Halloween. Don’t make the grave mistake of letting this time pass without having some fun. This can be a great time for you to get into the spirit of things and go crazy with ideas.

1. Carve Out Some Ghoulfriend Time

smiling pumpkinsA Halloween past time has always been pumpkin carving. This is an artistic activity that can be fun for all ages. This time of year does not have to be all about the spooky and creepy. Think outside of the box when looking at designing your pumpkin. You can use paint, lace, carving tools, etc. The sky is the limit with your creation.

Take this opportunity to encourage your child’s creativity, decision making, and problem solving skills by including them in the choice of the size, shape, color, etc. for the pumpkin that they would like to transform into their own personal creation. Set the imagination of the child free, and you may be surprised at the masterpiece you have for your front porch, window sill, or even your table.

Not everyone has children, but this does not mean that you cannot get into the Halloween spirit. For those of us who either do not have children, or our children are all grown up, you can still enjoy this holiday adventure in creativity. Take this opportunity to carve out some spooktacular Halloween fun with friends. Invite some friends over for a BYOP (Bring Your Own Pumpkin) party, costumes optional. You can have snacks, good conversation, maybe some boorific drinks, and great fun developing personalized pumpkins.

2. Exorcise the Old

halloween decorationsDecorating your apartment rental is always a great way to get into the spirit of the holidays. Halloween is no different. One great idea is to use string lights to spell something fun on your wall, door, or other area of your home. You could also place festive items around your home and your front porch area. Making a custom wreath of Halloween décor is another creative way to connect with your inner skelefun. You could even take those amazing pumpkins you made with your ghoulfriends to put on display for everyone who visits you to enjoy.

3. Eat, Drink, & Have a Ghoulish Time

Have a big screen premier on a small scale level. Send out some invitations, and decorate your apartment in the spirit of the holiday. You can choose to make it a costume party or a special themed party, create some kooky treats, and set up a screening area. Plan ahead a few movies that you would like to show at your gathering. You can even mix it up between scary movies and comedic Halloween movies. Whatever you decide, just make sure to have a ghoulish time with your friends.

4. Trunk or Treat

Why sit at home by yourself on Halloween? Instead, you can have a fangtastic time getting the community involved. Set up fun resident activities like a Trunk or Treat area, “block” costume party, or even have a Halloween bake off with neighbors. Then you all can enjoy goblin up all of the treats together.

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Bozeman Apartment Rental Tips – Getting Along With Neighbors

neighbor cats

Whenever you reside in a community with other individuals, there is always a chance of disagreement over one thing or another. Maybe they listen to loud music, their dog barks constantly, or they park in your designated spot. Whatever the reason is, a huge confrontation does not have to occur. Instead of living with this resentment or frustration toward your neighbor(s), let’s learn how you can keep the peace for a happier home.

Tips for  handling disagreements:

1. Take Time

It can be very hard to reign yourself in when you have become frustrated or angry with the actions of another individual. The first thought is to handle the issue right then, but researchers say this is the worst thing you could do if you would like a positive outcome. How many times have you been angry in your life, reacted, and then later thought that maybe things would have ended differently had you had the chance to think before you acted? This is common, and happens to everyone. If something is bothering you regarding a neighbor’s behavior, don’t immediately go knocking on their door. This will most likely end with a verbal confrontation without resolution. Instead, take a couple of hours to step back from the situation, collect your thoughts, and assess the situation. This way you can approach the individual in a calm manner, allowing for a more open dialogue.

2. Resolution?

While you are taking that time to calm down before approaching the individual, you should also be considering what resolution you would like to have happen. For example, if the neighbor in question is having all night gatherings with loud music or other noise coming from their home, what would you like to see happen? Do you want the noise to end by 10PM on weekdays and 12PM on weekends? Make sure you are being reasonable in your request, and be able to calmly express why you would like to see this resolution in place.

This video is intended in jest, as a little comedy in dealing with neighbors. It is not meant to be taken seriously or as advice.

3. One-On-One

A huge issue that seems to happen frequently is gossip. I know we don’t like to think of ourselves as the stereotypical gossiper, but you would be surprised how often we “accidentally” bring up situations that involve others whom are not present while we are talking. When it comes to something that is emotionally charged, we have to be careful about gossiping as this could further increase the complications with the other individual. Keep issues with neighbors between you and that neighbor (and possibly the leasing office if needed). Attempting to handle a situation one-on-one without involving other neighbors will bring better results, improve resident relations, and increase the likelihood that you will be able to come to a positive resolution with the individual.

4. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

One of the biggest issues in any relationship arises because of a lack of communication. Verbal communication is always best, so this is the preferred communication style whenever possible. When you are ready to confront the neighbor, remember to stay calm. Your approach will definitely dictate the direction of the conversation.

If you do not feel you can calmly address the situation with the individual, you could try writing a neighborly note discussing what your concerns are. Make sure in your writing you are not accusatory, abrasive, aggressive, or vulgar.

Please keep in mind that there are some individuals who have a heightened response to any criticism. Although it is very hard, remaining calm and being the “adult” in the situation is crucial. If this is the type of situation you find yourself in, involving the leasing office or police may be required. Never put yourself in a dangerous situation in an effort to confront a neighbor about an issue.

5. Keep it to a Minimum

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