Is Renting an Apartment in Bozeman Better Than Buying?

aweber-apartment-imageThere is an on-going debate between home owners and renters as to who has the better deal (maybe ‘debate’ is putting it mildly; this topic is hotly contested with one party believing they are better than the other). Of course, the advantages of owning a home are numerous. From being your own landlord to the tax credits that come with it. Our current society believes that this is the way to go. At least they did until the real estate bubble burst a few years back and then everything came tumbling down. Now people are beginning to think that maybe going for apartment rentals isn’t such a bad idea.

At Bridger Property Management, we have known this for a while now. We believe that finding the right apartment rentals in Bozeman, and really anywhere else in the country may be the reprieve that you have been waiting for. Apartments for rent near Bozeman, MT are not only beautifully built, but they are excellently placed, managed and provide just as good a home as any white picket-fenced-building anywhere.

Why Renting an Apartment is Better Than Buying

Fixed rent amount – If there is anything that gives homeowners nightmares, it is the fluctuation of property tax and mortgage prices. This is not something you have to worry about when renting an apartment in Bozeman. Of course, your landlord has the option of raising your rent, but they can only do so with adequate notice so that you have time to budget for it. Other than that, you have a fixed amount to work with throughout your lease.

Fluctuating property value

The recent real estate saga has left the entire country reeling with debt and an insurmountable headache. Property values, by their very nature, go up and down due to market forces that are often out of your hands. While these fluctuations may affect homeowners in the worst possible way, it does not bother renters at all. In such a tumultuous property market, you can rest easy and have peaceful nights as an apartment renter.

Lower utility costs

We are all looking for ways to save a buck here and there, it is one of the best ways to maintain wealth. But with homes getting bigger and bigger, the associated utility costs also increase. It has become much more affordable to power and heat apartments that often have compact floor plans than it is to heat up an expansive home.

Access to wonderful amenities

Many rental properties come with in-ground pools, gyms, and a host of other amenities that often do not come with homes. As a buyer, you will have to incorporate access to these amenities to your overall budget while as a renter, they come as part of the package.

Apartment rentals have become increasingly popular with the recent shaky real estate market driving many would-be homeowners into the ground. Although the market has been stabilizing, it might be years before it can completely recover and the thought of owning a mortgage that is worth much more than the associated house is not exactly what many dream about when they picture owning a home.

To see some of the top apartment rentals in Bozeman have a look around the area, or stop by in person.

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