Apartment Rentals Moving Guide to Bozeman

You scoured websites and directories about apartments for rent in Bozeman and you finally found one that is just perfectly you. Whether it is one of the apartments for rent near downtown or the various other apartments in Bozeman, your new home is waiting for you. Now is the time to start preparing to move. And what a chore that can be.

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Renters’ Checklist

On our website, we offer a renters’ checklist that offers some useful tips and a timeline to help you square away all of the pesky details of trying to move. We have broken our timeline down into three stages:

  • One month prior
  • One to two weeks prior
  • On moving day

This way, it gives you a clear idea of what you should be trying to accomplish in easy-to-handle steps. Our list covers everything from reminders about booking a moving truck, confirming with your insurance company what you are covered for, and making arrangements to disconnect and transfer your current utilities.

When You Move Into Your New Apartment Change Your Mailing Address

One of the biggest things that people forget is to change their address on all of their mail, especially things like newspaper subscriptions, magazine subscriptions, promotional information.

You can make things easier for yourself by preparing a list of mail you receive in the month prior to your move, so that you can update your mailing address as you receive them. Also, it is beneficial to keep your list so that you can update the list as you receive any additional mail you might have forgotten about.

Some examples of things you need to update could include:

  • Tax information
  • Health benefits
  • Employment information
  • Companies who send you coupons
  • Bills that are not paid or accessible online, including student loans

Other Apartment Rentals Moving Tips

As you prepare to move into your new apartment in one of the apartment complexes in Bozeman, there are so many thing to remember to do. Sometimes, you might forget, and packing and physically moving is an exhausting endeavor.

Have you started to whittle down what is left in your fridge and cupboards? You want to try and not buy groceries right before you move, so that you don’t have to worry about food spoiling in the time in between places.

Pack a “First-Night” box. Include things that would be essential to your first night in your new apartment, like:

  • Toilet paper and other bathroom essentials
  • Bedding
  • A couple of plates, sets of cutlery and cups
  • Snacks and coffee

Make use of everything you have! Why not put all of your bedding, towels and other soft items in garbage bags and use them as padding and space fillers in the moving truck?

Moving is always a tough and sometimes frustrating activity, but the more you plan ahead and make lists of what you might need, then the easier it will be. Our renters’ checklist is available on our website and gives you an excellent timeline to work with to help make the easiest transition possible. We are so excited for you to move in and hope you find it everything you hoped it would be.

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