The Best Rental Apartments Near MSU Bozeman Guide

Apartment hunting is sometimes a frustrating job, but unfortunately, you need to do it. Here at Bridger Property Management, we have apartments for rent in Bozeman near MSU, and we can help you find the perfect place to call home. However, in the thrill of finding the perfect apartment out of all of the available apartment rentals, you might forget some important things you want to ask and clarify with your new landlord.

What is Included in Your Apartments Near MSU?

Just about every one of the many apartments for rent in Bozeman will include different things in your rent and in the apartment, and some might not include anything! Budgeting is an important factor to get sorted before renting an apartment, so you want to know that you have everything accounted for and that you can still afford everything you need.

Some typical things that might be included in your rent or apartment are:

  • Heat
  • Hot water
  • Wi-Fi internet
  • In-suite washer and dryer
  • Dishwashers

If you are being smart when searching for apartment rentals, you likely already have a wish-list of everything you would love to have in a place. Yes, of course, sometimes compromise is necessary, but you always want to know what is included in your monthly rental fee, both so you are not surprised when extra bills show up and you know exactly how much money you have at the end of the month.

Questions to Ask

Before you sign any sort of rental agreement or lease agreement, you want to make sure that you are familiar with everything that is expected of you as a tenant. Each of the apartment complexes in Bozeman are likely to be different, but some of the most basic questions you can ask include if the complex:

  • Cashes your damage deposit
  • Expects anything from the tenant when he or she moves out
  • Needs a specific amount of notice to leave
  • Has specific move in/move out practices (e.g. only use service elevator)

love our msu apartmentsAll of Bridger Property Management’s collection of apartments for rent in Bozeman boast onsite maintenance; however, you should clarify what kind of things a tenant could call for and what might be considered the tenant’s responsibility.

Submit Your Application

If, after all of your due diligence, you decide that one of our apartment rentals is the perfect place for you, then it is time to submit your rental application. We do our best to process your application within 24 hours after submission.

When you do submit your application, there is a $10 processing charge, and if you are approved, then we will roll that charge into your first month’s rent.

With all applications, we ask for information on the following:

  • Proof of sufficient income
  • Verifiable good credit
  • Good history of renting

We work hard to create contemporary, inviting complexes for you to call home, ideal for families, students, professionals, and others. We want you to be happy to be here for a long time, building the perfect life with everything you need to create the perfect home.

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