Spooktacular Halloween Hoopla – Bridger Property Management

Yes, it’s that time of year again. We are about to enter into the biggest holiday season of the year. The beginning of the excitement always starts with Halloween. Don’t make the grave mistake of letting this time pass without having some fun. This can be a great time for you to get into the spirit of things and go crazy with ideas.

1. Carve Out Some Ghoulfriend Time

smiling pumpkinsA Halloween past time has always been pumpkin carving. This is an artistic activity that can be fun for all ages. This time of year does not have to be all about the spooky and creepy. Think outside of the box when looking at designing your pumpkin. You can use paint, lace, carving tools, etc. The sky is the limit with your creation.

Take this opportunity to encourage your child’s creativity, decision making, and problem solving skills by including them in the choice of the size, shape, color, etc. for the pumpkin that they would like to transform into their own personal creation. Set the imagination of the child free, and you may be surprised at the masterpiece you have for your front porch, window sill, or even your table.

Not everyone has children, but this does not mean that you cannot get into the Halloween spirit. For those of us who either do not have children, or our children are all grown up, you can still enjoy this holiday adventure in creativity. Take this opportunity to carve out some spooktacular Halloween fun with friends. Invite some friends over for a BYOP (Bring Your Own Pumpkin) party, costumes optional. You can have snacks, good conversation, maybe some boorific drinks, and great fun developing personalized pumpkins.

2. Exorcise the Old

halloween decorationsDecorating your apartment rental is always a great way to get into the spirit of the holidays. Halloween is no different. One great idea is to use string lights to spell something fun on your wall, door, or other area of your home. You could also place festive items around your home and your front porch area. Making a custom wreath of Halloween décor is another creative way to connect with your inner skelefun. You could even take those amazing pumpkins you made with your ghoulfriends to put on display for everyone who visits you to enjoy.

3. Eat, Drink, & Have a Ghoulish Time

Have a big screen premier on a small scale level. Send out some invitations, and decorate your apartment in the spirit of the holiday. You can choose to make it a costume party or a special themed party, create some kooky treats, and set up a screening area. Plan ahead a few movies that you would like to show at your gathering. You can even mix it up between scary movies and comedic Halloween movies. Whatever you decide, just make sure to have a ghoulish time with your friends.

4. Trunk or Treat

Why sit at home by yourself on Halloween? Instead, you can have a fangtastic time getting the community involved. Set up fun resident activities like a Trunk or Treat area, “block” costume party, or even have a Halloween bake off with neighbors. Then you all can enjoy goblin up all of the treats together.

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