Shed Winter Blues – Prepare Your Apartment for Spring

Although March 20 was the officially recognized first day of spring, Mother Nature does not always agree. Just looking outside will verify the daily resistance to the warm and sunny weather as the snow is beginning to melt and the sun has been dancing in the sky. We all celebrate and welcome the transition from gloomy to bloomy. In recognition of this joyous metamorphosis, cast out the coats, slip into those summer dresses/shorts, and let’s get your home reflecting this bright and cheery time.

1)    Let the Outside Meet the Inside

image of hanging flowersThe one thing that most of us can agree on is the warmth and excitement that spring brings us every year. We lose that feeling when we have been sealed up in the house for the winter (kind of like a bear). Opening the windows to let that fresh air and bright sunshine in will be a great start to getting ready for spring. Take a moment to add beautifully colored flowers to accent areas in your home, and maybe even try adding a potted plant or other foliage.

2)    Face Lift Always Helps

Trying something as simple as some new wall decorations, bright colored towels, or new throw pillows can make a huge difference in the way you view and relax in your home. Psychologist have examined the impact of color on the human brain. What they found was that although color is a very subjective thing for each individual, there are certain universal responses that seem to come from seeing certain colors or shades. Winter usually conveys darker or cooler colors outside. When spring comes around, outside brings us brightly surroundings. This can improve numerous aspects of your life just by bringing some of those incredibly cheerful colors into your daily life in your home.

3)    Try Your Green Thumb Skills

potted plants in window sillThere are certain people who have a knack for growing plants of every kind. When you live in an apartment in Bozeman, you may feel like you can’t have a garden. You would be wrong. You should try a controlled indoor garden. You can grow various herbs, small veggies, or even some berries. With some simple beginning steps: 1. Research various plants/edibles that you would like to grow. 2. Choose an appropriate place in your apartment to have the most success for your garden (i.e. window, porch, balcony, etc.). 3. Gather your supplies (planting pot/bucket, soil, seeds, etc.). It is that simple to get started! Just think, you could be enjoying your small garden right now…

4)    Temporary Time Capsule

When you are changing gears from winter to spring/summer, don’t forget to clean out the warm heavy winter clothes. You will not need them for a little while. So why not save some room, decrease clutter in your apartment, and pack away the items that are not needed through the warmer months. Those thick winter coats, heavy blankets, boots, hats & gloves, etc. have their time and place, but not for a few months. Replace the heavier items with more light weight warmer weather friendly things. For example, that puffy super warm comforter on your bed can be changed out for a brightly colored, light weight, and airy blanket that provides a different look and a more comfortable sleep.

5)    Education is Power

If you have done everything you need to do to get the inside of your apartment ready for the warmer days ahead, you can now take some time to educate yourself on the various events and activities in and around the community. Between the plays, numerous parks, hiking, fishing, biking, hot springs, farmer’s markets, etc. there is never a dull moment here in Bozeman. You could even use this as a great opportunity to meet neighbors, see local businesses, and adventure to gorgeous areas of Montana that we sometimes forget through the winter (due to the awesome amounts of snow we get). Read more