Bozeman Apartment Living in a Winter Wonderland

When the temperature drops in Bozeman, staying warm and cozy in your home becomes a priority. Something else that many people find when the weather shifts to dark and dreary is a change in their mood. The blah or meh feeling that can sometimes accompany the cloudy snowy days is very real, and completely normal. There are some things that you can do to bring that warm and cozy feeling to your apartment while also addressing the blah or meh feeling that is so common during this time of year. Take a look at some of these ideas…

Fill Your Apartment With Color

kagy village apartments front doorFall sprinkles beautifully vibrant warm colors all around us, while the winter blows in the pure white snow to coat everything. Bring the seasonal hues from the outdoors to indoors. This can be as simple as sprinkling a few splashes of colors throughout your home that you find in the heart of fall like orange, yellow, brown, purple, etc. This can be accomplished through getting some throw pillows and blankets to place throughout your home, adding some festive foliage to tables, bringing in various area rugs, or even changing the color scheme of your towels and/or bedding. If you are really artsy or adventurous, you could even change out some of the pictures in your home to match the season. The sky is the limit when you look at all of the possibilities. Let your personality reflect in the transformation of your home from summer to fall/winter.

Cheerful Scents Bring Life to your Home

The sense of smell has been shown to trigger various memories, influence mood, and impact the “feel” of your home. You can accomplish the atmospheric change through smell in many ways. You might choose to use a diffuser with essential oils or to light some scented candles. There are things that you can plug into your wall or even sprays that provide the scent you are looking for to create the perfect cozy cove in your home. You can even add some house plants to try out your green thumb, add that outdoor to indoor feel, and bring some life and vibrancy to your apartment.

Brighten Your Apartment With Lighting

Lighting can impact both your emotional well-being and the physical feel of your home. Fall and winter months usually steal the sun from us for an extended period of time. This can lead to emotional distress and/or depression. Research has shown that if you expose yourself to lighting that mimics outdoor lighting your seasonal emotional shift is usually improved. Try using something like a mock skylight to spread the “sunlight” throughout your room. To help you find which lighting is best for your apartment, check out this article describing the differences in the light bulbs for indoor use.

You can add a warmer feel to your home when you need a cozier ambience. Use lamps with a softer luminosity and turn off any overhead or ceiling lighting. You can also light some candles or even get a small wall “fireplace” that adds that perfect touch to any home for fall and winter. Just think, you could be snuggled up under your favorite blanket  sitting in front of your fireplace watching your favorite movie.

Make Sure The Doors and Windows are Properly Sealed

It is important to keep the cold at bay for most of the time in your apartment in order to get that warm, relaxing, and cozy environment you want for the seasonal change. You can do this by checking your windows and doors to see if there is any air leaking through cracks or edges. If you are unsure how to check for cracks in the seal of your window or malfunctioning weather stripping, simply take a tissue or use the light smoke from incense, and set it where you can see if air moves the smoke or the tissue. If you notice an issue, contact your leasing office for maintenance assistance…

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